रात और दिन तुझे देखता रहूँ
बस यही रोज़गार चाहता हूँ ..

Raat aur din tujhe dekhta rahun
bas yahi rozgaar chaahta hun..


Hindi |


Pyar ko log Mohobbat kehte hain
Kuch log ise bandagi kehte hain
Magar jis pe hum marte hain usse hum zindagi kehte hain..

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

My heart melts like a candle
your love is too much to handle
Your breathe is like a breeze
it’s hot but I still freeze
You are my definition of love
and you are my earth and sky up above
Your eyes are like a mirror
And I want to be a reflection there


English |

Hui mohabbat to aaj jahaa'n saaraa haseen hai
aksar palke jhukaaye hi hum baazaar se guzarte hain
teri aarzoo to hai bahut aur tera intezaar bhi
dete khud ko mohlat umeed tere ik ikraar ki
ye kissa sunega bhi kaun yaaro'n
aur meri wafa mahutaaj-e-waah-wahi nahi..


Urdu |

Apna woh nahi jo paas aa gaya,
paraya woh nahi jo dooor chala gaya,
aane-jaane se nahi bante apne paraaye,
apna woh hai jo dil mein samaa gaya.



Care is the sweetest form of love .
When someone says take care
it really means that you will stay
in their heart till it's last beat.
So take care of yourself..



This heart of mine would surely die
And my body would wither by and by
But my love for you will go on and on
Yes, it will still be there after I am gone..


English |

Poocho na us kaagaz se,
jis per hum dil ke bayaan likhte hain,
tanhaayion mein beeti baatein tamaam likhte hain,
woh kalam bhi dewani ho gayi,
jis se hum tumhaara naam likhte hain.



Tussi hasde ho saanu hasaan waaste,
tussi ronde ho saanu rulaan waaste,
tussi ik vaari russ ke te vekho sohniye,
assi mar jaavaange taenu manaan vaaste.....



Jo tumse behad pyar krta hain
Unhe kabhi bhi dimaag se answer mat do
Unhe apne dil ki gehraiyon se answer do..

- Neha Priya Minj


Hindi |

Kabhi-kabhi aisa bhi hota hai,
pyaar ka asar zaraa der se hota hai,
aapko lagta hai hum kuch nahi sochte aapke baare mein,
par humaari har baat mein aapka hi zikr hota hai..


Hindi |

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