हाथ मिलाना ज़रूरी है
हो सकता है दिल भी मिल जाएँ
शायद इक-दूजे से मिलने ही
इस जहाँ में हैं हम-तुम आये..


Hindi |

I decided to send you the
Cutest, Sweetest & Most Expensive Gift
in the World ,
but that stupid postman shouted at me saying:
Get Out of the Post Box.



love is the word which is not only made for lovers...
It is also made for some special friends who
always love us more than lovers..!!


English |


Can i spell s_ccess without u?
or c_te or h_mble or f_n or f_t_re
or even tr_st.
What will i do without u?
i proud a friend like u.



If lover is like moon then
friends are like stars and
have you noticed that
the sky can look beautiful
without moon but
not without stars..



Yaara, yaari da maan rakhi,
dimaag ch nahi, meri aapne dil ch pehchaan rakhi,
main v manga dua eh hi rab kolo,
mere yaar nu har dukh to anjaan rakhi..




Huzoor aadaab arz hai.
Lagta hai mausam kaafi sard hai.
Arre june ke mahine ka yahi marz hai,
par doston ko msg karne mein kya harz hai.
Aapko msg bhejna hamaaraa farz hai.
Kyonki aapka no. humaari ph. book mein darz hai.
Yeh msg type karte-karte humaari ungaliyon mein hua dard hai.
Itna jaan lo ae dost yeh badhiya msg aap par karz hai.
Is karz ko kaise chukaana hai, yeh sochna ab aapka farz hai.



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