When cloud breaks - rain falls
When coconut breaks - water falls
When love breaks - tears fall
When your head breaks - Oh HAY !


English |


Purushottam shri Ramchandraji ko lanka safar ke liye
500 bandaro ki zaroorat hai.
499 pahoonch chuke hai.
sms milte hi turant niklo.



KBC dweetiya!!
Chaliye aaie, aap aur hum is khel ko khelte hain.
Q: Nobody's like U, coz u r:
A: Fool
B: Monkey
C: Idiot
D: Mental
kya kahaa, 50/50 use karna chaahte hain.
Computerji plz do galat jawaab mitaa dijiye,
aur hamaare saamne rehne dijiye
1 sahi aur 1 galat jawaab.
B: Monkey
D: Mental
so u want to use ph. a friend lifeline?????
OK.....call me i'll tell u!!!!!!!!!



Tera blood group kya hai, urgently call karke bataa.
Mere dost ke kutte ka accident ho gayaa hai,
Dr. ne kahaa hai ki kisi aawaara kutte ka khoon chaahiye.



Mirrors can't talk.
And lucky for you they can't laugh.


English |


You are
-sweet like tom
-cute like jerry
-naughty like bugsbunny
-clever like aladin
-happening like ballu
-welders like mougli
Tussi to chalte-firte cartoon ho!!



Tawe par padaa popcorn uchaltaa kyon hai..
khud baith ke dekho, pataa chal jaayega..



Tohra mukhra..Chaanda ke samaan..
Tohra rang..Chanda ke samaan..
Tohre baal..Chanda ke samaan..
Aur Chanda..Hamaar bhaisiya ka naam..



God is so wise that He created friends without a price tag
because if He did, then i couldn't have afforded u...
5-10 paise ke sikke aajkal kahaan milte hain!!



The smoothy jasmine hide alone and came drunk..!

Samjhe nahi? Chalo hindi mein bataate hain

Chikni Chameli
Chhup ke akeli
Pauaa chadha ke aayi.

Improve your ENGLISH also.


Hindi |

Who said english is easy Fill these blanks with yes/no:
1. ____, i don't have a brain.
2. ____, i'm stupid.
3. ____, i'm not human, i'm donkey.
SmIlE pLz



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