Thandi coffee ko garam kar lo,
is pathar dil ko thoda naram kar lo,
aacha hote hue bhi aapke dil main hamaara account khaali hai,
thodi si to yaar sharam kar lo..
For u SD

- Amritpal Singh

Hindi |


Saaton aasmaan ki sair hum kar aaye,
har ek taare se dosti kar aaye,
ek taara khaas tha jise hum apne saath le aaye..
warna aap hi sochiye aap zameen par kaise aaye.



वादा ना करो अगर निभा ना सको
चाहो ना उसे जिसे तुम पा ना सको
दोस्त तो बहुत होंगे मगर एक ऐसा भी बनाओ
जिसके बिना तुम मुस्कुरा ना सको ..

Waada na karo agar nibha na sako
chaaho na use jise tum paa na sako
dost to bahut honge magar ek aisa bhi banao
jiske bina tum muskura na sako..


Hindi |


For all the friendship you share,
for all the ways you care,
for all the times you are there,
my friend you are special and beyond compare..
just wanna say take care..



Forgetting you is hard to do,
forgetting me is upto you,
forget me not, forget me never
and you'll have a best friend forever.




Dard hota hai duniya ko dikhaane ke liye,
har koi rota nahi aansu bahaane ke liye,
roothne ka mazaa tab aataa hai..
jab aap jaisa dost ho manaane ke liye.



Har mode par mukaam nahi hota,
dil ke rishto ka koi naam nahi hota,
rooh ki roshni se khoja hai aapko,
aap jaisa pyaara dost milna aasaan nahi hota..




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