Difficult to tell what Loving is like..
Impossible to tell what Missing is like..
May you never Miss whom you Love , &
May whom you Love Miss you always..




Zamaane ki har jannat aapke liye hogi,
ye aasmaa ye zameen aapke liye hogi,
hum se keh bhi na paaoge uske pehle..
humaare hisse ki har khushi aapke liye hogi.



You will feel me on the soft gentle breeze
As you wander through the tall forest trees
I will be on the beach as the tide comes in
That will remind you how easy my heart was to win..


English |

Live for the person who dies for you,
Smile for the person who cries for you,
Fight for the person who protects you, and
Love the person who loves you.



दुनिया एक तरफ और तू एक तरफ क्योंकि,
तू मेरी परी है और ये दुनिया बहुत बुरी है ..


Hindi |

You don't have to be perfect to let
somebody love you...
Being simple is the most perfect way
to make someone fall in love with you.

- Vansh Sharma


English |

Love is like the relationship
between hand and eye.
Its like when the hand get hurt,
eye cries and
when eye cries
the hand wipes..



Lantern In A Soul

Love lights the lantern in a soul,
Laughter keeps it beaming bright;
Lightheartedness heals it whole,
Life's journey is well poised for flight.

But when Love is lost, all laughter dies,
Grief snuffs out every little spark;
Darkness circles tearful eyes ,
To leave a lasting scarring mark.

Then the lantern in a soul grows weak,
No hopeful flicker gleams and glows;
The flare of fun grows darkly bleak,
With wicked, weeping, wailing woes.

Light your lantern, guard its glow,
And light will lead you where you go.

- Roann Mendriq


English |

Love comes when manipulation stops;
when you think more about the other person than
about his or her reactions to you.
When you dare to reveal yourself fully.
When you dare to be vulnerable.
- Dr. Joyce Brothers


English |

Rishton ki ehmiyat bataate hain faasle,
par thoda tadpaate hain faasle,
bas itna samajh lijiye..
ki zindagi mein pyaar ka ehsaas dilaate hain faasle.



There are moments in life when you miss someone so much
that you just want to pick them from your dreams and
hug them for real!
Hope you dream of that special someone..


English |

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