मेरे मालिक तेरा शुक्रिया
मैं लिख सकता हूँ
और वो पढ़ सकते हैं ..


Hindi |


What is it that I'm supposed to not believe in?
Until you can answer that question
I can't tell you whether I'm an atheist.
- Noam Chomsky
Father of Modern Linguistics


English |

I know that you have sent me here
for something good
but I falter..not occassionally,
but frequently.
That's what makes me human
and then I look to you
and that's what makes you God .
Rest there's no difference.
We are same..


English |

Someday in HIS time,
whatever you ask for
will come true.
It may not be in the
exact package you wanted
but it will be
what God thinks is Best for You..


English |

I believe in the sun
even when it's not shining..
I believe in love
even when I am alone..
I believe in God
even when He's silent..


English |


Remembrance of the Name of Lord
alienates a lowly being from all evils..


English |

A man was walking on a shaking bridge.
He prayed for help and then
saw God on the other side of the bridge.
He asked God to come near but
God didn't come.
Man got angry.
With great difficulty he crossed to the other side
and saw God holding the broken bridge.
Trust Him! His ways are amazing..


English |

Na dhoond khuda ko zameen -o-aasman ki gardish mein "IQBAL"
agar woh tere diL mein nahi to phir tere liye kahin bhi nahi..!


Urdu |

No one can keep us from carrying God wherever we go.
- Hafiz Shirazi


English |

हूँ बुलंद आज तो तेरी मेहेरबानी है
हूँ शुमार तेरी महफ़िल में
तो यह भी तेरी ही ज़रा-नवाजी है

भटकना आसां था मेरी फितरत के सजदे
जला कर कुंदन जो किया तूने
तो यह तेरी रहमत है

गुलामी ऐसी दे की सर जिस्म से जुदा रहे
इसका वज़न मशीनों से आता नहीं
मैंने की कोशिश तेरे दर पर आके अलविदा कहु
तारों भरा आसमां दिया यह तेरी बंदा-परवरी है..


Hindi |

He loves everyone of us,
even those who are flawed..


English |

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