The first testicular guard
was used in cricket in 1874 and
the first helmet was used in 1974.
It took 100 years for men to realize that
brain is also important.



KBC dweetiya!!
Chaliye aaie, aap aur hum is khel ko khelte hain.
Q: Nobody's like U, coz u r:
A: Fool
B: Monkey
C: Idiot
D: Mental
kya kahaa, 50/50 use karna chaahte hain.
Computerji plz do galat jawaab mitaa dijiye,
aur hamaare saamne rehne dijiye
1 sahi aur 1 galat jawaab.
B: Monkey
D: Mental
so u want to use ph. a friend lifeline????? me i'll tell u!!!!!!!!!



Ek msg roz, keep d friends close,
ek din mein paanch, dosti per na aaye aanch,
ek din mein bees, tu pehle ek to bhej battmeez.




Aap kaise hain,
main yahaan kushal mangal se hun,
ab aapki tabeeyat kaisi hai,
gaaon mein barsaat hui ki nahi,
aur maaji babuji kaise hain,
gudiya ki padhaai ke liye paise ka intezaam hua?
bahu se kehna sabhi ka khayaal rakhe.
abhi zameen ka batwaaraa hua ke nahi.
kajaariya gaai kaisi hai?
chaupaal par kusroo chacha ko mera jai raam kehna.
bitiya ki shaadi ke liye paise jodna shuru kar do,
ab sayaani ho gayi hai.
tumhaaraa dooor ka paas waala dadu.
Jawaab dena.



You are
-sweet like tom
-cute like jerry
-naughty like bugsbunny
-clever like aladin
-happening like ballu
-welders like mougli
Tussi to chalte-firte cartoon ho!!



All human beings have FIVE senses.
Some may have the Sixth sense.
But my friend you are a gifted person.
You have got the Seventh sense:



This msg is strictly for smart & cute readers.
Since you have received this
it's obviously a technical error.
The sender deeply apologizes.
Sorry for the inconvenience..


English |

Premi apni premika se:
Teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam aaj ke baad..
arre zaalim keechad bahut ho jaata hai barsaat ke baad.



Fizaaon mein tum ho..
Hawaaon mein tum ho..
Bahaaron mein tum ho..
Ghataaon mein tum ho..
Dhoop mein tum ho..
Chaaon mein tum ho..
Sach hi suna tha..
Shaitaani Aatma ka koi thikaana nahi hota.



Shaitan ne kaha kisi nek insaan ka number do,
apun usko tang karega.
Maine aapka number diya to shaitan bola:
Abey, marwayega kya?
Yeh to Boss ka number hai.



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