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nahi samajh aaya..?
ulta karke dekho.
Jab seedha nahi samajh aaya to ulta kya khaak samajh aayega.




Hands up! This is a robbery!
Handsome guys, move to the right.
Pretty girls, move left.
Ugly ones, go to the centre.
Hey you, Yes you..Don't pretend to read the sms,
go to the centre.



Earth may stop rotation
birds may stop flying
candles may stop melting
fishes may stop swimming
but your brain will never work..


English |

Kya bat hai aaj to rangeen ho
kaun se colour ka kamaal hai..??
Aap sunder ho ya Dressage ka Dhamaal hai..

- Vicky Manda

Hindi |


Who said english is easy Fill these blanks with yes/no:
1. ____, i don't have a brain.
2. ____, i'm stupid.
3. ____, i'm not human, i'm donkey.
SmIlE pLz



When cloud breaks - rain falls
When coconut breaks - water falls
When love breaks - tears fall
When your head breaks - Oh HAY !


English |

Teri dosti ki roshni aesi hai ki,
har taraf ujaala nazar aataa hai,
sochtaa hun ghar ki bijli katwaa doo,
kambakht bill bahut aataa hai.



My eyes-Miss U
My feelings-Luv U
My mind-Calls U
My life is U.
I'll die without U.
I LUV U..........
aisa teri friend mujhe bolti hai



Nazar jhuki to paimaane bane,
sharaab bani to maikhaane bane,
koi na koi baat aap mein jaroor hai aisi,
yuhin to nahi pagalkhane bane.



Om namah shivaaye
on sai ram.. waheguru..
jai shri krishna..
daro mat, kisi ko bhejna nahi hai..
khud hi jap lo paapi.



My sweetheart,
my kuchikoo,
my nonumonu,
my golumolu,
my darling,
my cutipie,
my jaanu,
my lovely ,
my heartbeat,
my sweetest,
DOGGY is missing dikhe to bataana.



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