Why India is not yet developed?
Though population is 100 crore?
Because 7.9 crore are retired,
30 crore in state government jobs,
17 crore in central government jobs
(Both don't work efficiently).
1.1 crore IT professional
(They don't work for India).
25 crore in school,
2 crore under 5 years,
15 crore unemployed,
1.2 crore you can find anytime in hospitals.
Statistics say 79,99,997 people are in jail.
Rest two are you and me.
You are busy with your mobile .
How can i handle India alone..?




Joe: We will soon become rich.
Jill: How?
Joe: Tomorrow my mathematics teacher will teach me
how to convert paisa into rupees.



This year's Oscar Winners
just got shocked when they saw you
winning First Prize under Late Comer category..


English |

Father to son: Sharmaji ki ladki ko dekha hai,
woh exam mein first aai hai.
Son: Usi ko to dekhta tha,
tabhi to fail ho gaya.



If a Fat Girl is waiting for bus at bus stop
what will you call her in One Word..?
Answer - MotiVating..


Hindi |

God made each and everyone of us unique
until he got to China.
Copy paste.. copy paste..


English |

"Cow" and "Cat" rishte mein behne hain.
.Now you must be thinking ki kaise?
.Jyada na socho..
I m telling you.
Gaaye Maata hoti hai aur Billi Mousi..!


Hindi |

A scholar was lecturing when all the lights in the auditorium went out.
He asked members of the audience to raise their hands.
As soon as they had all complied, the lights went on again.
He then said,
"Prove wisdom of Old Chinese saying: 'Many hands make light work."


English |

If Columbus had Girl Friend ,
he might have never discovered America because..
GF: Where are you going..?
With whom..?
How are you going..?
To discover what..?
Why only you..?
What should I do when you are gone..?
Can I come with you..?
When will you be back..?
Where will you stay..?
Will you miss me..?
Columbus: Le meri maa, nahi jata! Khush..!



When you are watching,
when you are playing,
when you are sad,
when you are glad,
when you are mad,
when you are upset,
when you have problems,
just call me,
coz my incoming is FREE!



Ek ladka gadhe ke samne gir gaya.
Ek khubsurat ladki ne dekha aur kaha:
Apne bade bhai ke pair chhu rahe ho..?


Hindi |

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