Is zamaane se bahut alag ho aap,
woh khush- kismat hain jinke paas ho aap,
humaare liye woh waqt hi haseen hai,
humein yaad kar jab dil se muskuraa lete ho aap.




Har majboori se ladna seekh lo,
har gham ke saath jeena seekh lo
"Busy" hum bhi kam nahi,
par humaari tara
Dosto ko yaad karna seekh lo..


Hindi |

Dost aksar yun hi ban jaate hain,
kuch saath rehte hain kuch bichar jaate hain
kuch yaad rakhte hain kuch bhool jaate hain
ab hum aapko dekhte hain aap kahaan tak saath nibhaate hain.



Nobody teaches the sun to rise,
a river to flow,
a fish to swim,
a bird to fly,
a plant to grow,
a child to cry,
and nobody teaches heart to choose a friend like YOU.




Money comes and goes,
Friends come and go,
Rain comes and goes,
Love comes and goes,
But if you loose your teeth at this age,
they will never come back.
So better message me everyday.



100 words of an enemy can never give pain
but a true friend 's silence can give 1000 of tears.
So, BAK-BAK karte raha karo
tassalli milti hai yaar.



When people receive my messages,
they think that i am addicted 2 messaging.
But they are wrong..
because they don't know that,
I am addicted to hold relationships..


English |


Alone i can say but 2gthr v can chat,
Alone i can smile but 2gthr we can laugh,
Alone i can live but 2gthr we can celebrate.
Dis is d magic of r friendship ..

- Tarun Goma


English |

Har baar maanga khuda se dosto ka pyaa
har saans ko raha dosto ke aane ka intezaar
bheeg gayi palkein humaari tab jab dosto ne keha
for my special friends Komal & Navi..


Hindi |

Who am i?
a step when you are stopped,
a touch when you are lost,
a word when you are quiet,
a smile when you are sad,
a shoulder when you cry, &
a friend who would be there always..



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