Is zamaane se bahut alag ho aap,
woh khush- kismat hain jinke paas ho aap,
humaare liye woh waqt hi haseen hai,
humein yaad kar jab dil se muskuraa lete ho aap.




It's just meaningless to expect
ur friend to b of ur kind..
because you can't hold
one's right hand in ur right hand to walk together..



O friend ji..tussi mithaa aam ho,
coca-cola da jaam ho,
sir dard ka baam ho,
saaraa kuch theek hai,
bas SMS nahi karde,
bas es waaste badnaam ho..




Bhool se agar bhool ho jaaye
to bhool smajhkar bhool jaana..
Bhulaana sirf bhool ko
bhoolkar bhi humein na bhool jaana..



A real friend is a
Smile when you are sad,
Hope when you are disappointed,
Guide when you are lost,
Song when you are happy ,
Company when you are lonely, n
Help when you are helpless.



खुदा से कोई बात अनजान नहीं होती
जब इंसान की बंदगी बे-ईमान नहीं होती
कभी माँगा होगा हमने एक प्यारा दोस्त
यूँ ही आपकी हमारी पहचान नहीं होती ..

Khuda se koi baat anjaan nahi hoti
jab insaan ki bandgi be-imaan nahi hoti
kabhi maanga hoga humne ek pyaara dost
yun hi aapki humaari pehchaan nahi hoti..


Hindi |


D - Dastak bhi na de
O - Or apna banaa le
S - Saari zindagi jo saath de
T - Takdeer jo sawaar de
I - Isi rishtey ka naam hai DOSTI



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