Ki kariye lokkan da,
har gal nu lok jhamela kehnde ne,
je sms na kariye taan kanjoos,
te je kariye taa vehla kehnde ne.....




Chale gaye hain dooor kuch pal ke liye,
magar aapke dil ke kareeb hain har pal ke liye,
kaise bhulaayenge aapko ek bhi pal ke liye,
jab ho chuki hai dosti har pal ke liye.



Ghum ke saagar mein kabhi dooob na jana,
raahon pe chalke manzil na paao to tooot na jana,
aur zindagi mein agar kisi dost ki kami mehsoos ho..
to hum hain yeh bhool na jana.



Real friend cares like a mom,
scolds like a dad,
teases like a sister,
irritates like a brother
and loves more than a lover..


English |


Nobody teaches the sun to rise,
a river to flow,
a fish to swim,
a bird to fly,
a plant to grow,
a child to cry,
and nobody teaches heart to choose a friend like YOU.



Ik baar ik banda gwaandiyaan de ghar manja laen lai gayaa,
gwaandi kehnda: Yaar saade ghar 2 hi manje ne
ik te main te mera baapu te
dooje te meri vohti te meri maa sonde ne.
Banda: Kanjaraa..manja nahi dena na deo
par soya te tareeke naal karo.




i am weak in maths,
but i am able to count the minutes which i spend with you.
i am weak in history,
but i have never seen a friend like you in my whole life .
i am weak in geography,
but i can recognise the wonderful place where i first met you.
i am weak in studies,
but i know i can get 100% in your Beautiful Friendship ..!!



ना साथी है कोई ना हमसफ़र है कोई
ना हम किसी के हैं ना हमारा है कोई
पर आपको याद करके कह सकते हैं कि
एक प्यार सा दोस्त हमारा भी है कोई..।


Hindi |


Old friends are Gold!
New friends are Diamond!
If you get Diamond don't forget the Gold
bcoz to hold a Diamond you need a base of Gold..



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