Santa : Yaar main tainu kinni baar ph. kitta,
par tu phone hi nahi chukeyaa..?
Banta: Kyon chukaan, jehdaa main apne cell wich
30 Rs. de ke gaana lagwaayea hai
ohnu fer kaun sunega?????



Santa : Kal mittra ne kudiya de college di bus rok layi..
Banta: Fer..?

Santa : .......fer ki, Aapa keha chabeel laggi aa pani pee k jaeo g.


Punjabi |

Santa underwear lene gaya.
Dukaandaar ne usko Rs. 500 ka underwear dikhaya.
Santa : Roz pehn-ne wala de,
party wear nahi chaahiye.



Santa made a call to airpport and asks,
"How long is the journey from Punjab to America?"
Receptionist: One second, Sir.
Santa disconnects the call the says,
"Inhe te peg laaya hoeya ae!"



Santa ne apni nayi girlfriend k
kandhe pe 1st time hath rakha aur
bahut dhire se nervously bola: "I love u"
Girlfriend-"zor se Bolo''
Santa -"JAI MATA DI"



A street dog was chasing Santa and he was laughing.
A bystander: why are u laughing?
Santa : I have an Airtel phone, but still Hutch network is following me.

- Tarun Goma

English |

Santa : Jab me chota tha to ek baar kutub minaar se gir gaya tha.
Banta: Acha!! to mar gya ya bach gya.
Santa : Saale.! mujhe kya pata, me to chota tha...


Hindi |

Teacher: Jo mere agle sawal ka jawab dega, wo ghar ja sakta hai.
Tabhi Santa apna bag bahar fek deta hai.
Teacher: Woh bag kisne feka?
Santa : Maine!
Ab main ghar jaa raha hu.


Hindi |

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