Always make your absence felt,
in such a way that somebody misses you,
but don't let your absence be so long
that somebody starts learning to live without you..




Taenu mil javange aake dooor-durade ton,
mere pind ton pehla sheher tera hi aaunda ae..


Punjabi |

Kyon rakhta hai yaad numbron ko,
log to chehre tak bhool jaate hain,
hamaare naam to kar lete hain mobile mein feed,
per phone to doooor sms tak karna bhool jaate hain.



Baadal garja magar barsaat nahi aai,
dil dhadkaa magar aawaaz nahi aai,
pura din guzarne ko hai,
kya ek baar bhi humaari yaad nahi aai..?



Paane se khone ka mazaa aur hai,
band aankhon mein rone ka mazaa aur hai,
askq bane lafz aur lafz ghazal..
aur us ghazal mein tere hone ka mazaa aur hai.




Khush rahe ya bahut udaas rahe,
zindagi tere aas-paas rahe..
kabhi sunhere khwaab ki tarah milna,
khili hui dhoop mein barsaat ki tarah milna..



Someone asked what makes people happy ?
Some said wealth and some said fame.
I was thinking abt this when my cell beeped
& ur sms came.
I smiled and said, "This makes me happy ..."



It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it,
but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives..


English |

Apni yaadon mein hum tumko basaana chaahte hain,
apne paas tumhe hum bulana chaahte hain,
thak gaye hum tumhe yaad karte-karte,
ab hum tumhe yaad aana chaahte hain..

अपनी याद ों में हम तुमको बसाना चाहते हैं ,
अपने पास तुम्हे हम बुलाना चाहते हैं ,
थक गए हम तुम्हे याद करते - करते ,
अब हम तुम्हे याद आना चाहते हैं ..


Hindi |

Thislove islove thelove bestlove waylove
tolove saylove thatlove ilove reallylove misslove
ulove solove muchlove.
Now read again without love .



तेरी इक झलक पाने को दिल तरस जाता हैं मेरा,
बड़ी किस्मत वाले होंगे वो लॉग जो तेरा दीदार रोज किया करते हैं..

- Hemant Singh

Hindi |

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