You are
-sweet like tom
-cute like jerry
-naughty like bugsbunny
-clever like aladin
-happening like ballu
-welders like mougli
Tussi to chalte-firte cartoon ho!!



Grahambel found telephone..
Edison found electric bulb..
Marconi found radio..
Columbus found america..
tu bas mobile nu angootha maari ja, Nalaayak!



Aapki kashish sarfarosh hai,
aapka nasha u madhosh hai,
kya kahe tumse dost
jis paagal kutte ne aapko kata
wo ab tak behosh hai..



A child uses its thumb 2 chew,
an illiterate uses his thumb 2 sign,
a winner uses his thumb 2 show victory,
but a monkey is using thumb to read this sms !!!




All human beings have FIVE senses.
Some may have the Sixth sense.
But my friend you are a gifted person.
You have got the Seventh sense:



God is so wise that He created friends without a price tag
because if He did, then i couldn't have afforded u...
5-10 paise ke sikke aajkal kahaan milte hain!!



Aaapka charcha hai har gali mein
har ladki ke dil mein aapke liye pyaar hai
yeh koi chamatkaar nahi
time hi aisa hai
kyunki kuch hi dino mein rakhi ka tyohaar hai..


Hindi |

I get so emotional when you are not around.
That emotion is called Happiness.


English |

Meri yaad aaye = Yaad Karo
Zyaada yaad aaye = SMS Karo
Aur zyaada yaad aaye = Phone Karo
Aur bhi zyaada yaad aaye = Milo
Us-se bhi zyaada yaad aaye = To please jhooth bolna band karo.



100gm mitti,
10gm kankad-pathar,
25 types ke keede-makode,
5gm makdee ke jaale,
50gm ghaas.....
Don't be surprised!
This is the CT scan report of your brain..



Eyes are good friends..
See together,
weep together,
close together.
But when a girl comes,
one eye starts blinking.
Moral- A girl can break good friendship .



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