Today is World Poetry Day marks the importance of poetry in our lives.

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रोये वो इस कदर उनकी लाश से लिपटकर
के लाश खुद उठ कर बोली
ले तू मर जा पहले
बदतमीज ऊपर ही चढ़े जा रहा है गर्मी में ..

Roye woh is kadar unki laash se lipatkar
ke laash khud uth kar boli
le tu mar ja pehle
badtameez upar hi chade jaa raha hai garmi mein..


Hindi |


Santa ek jyotish ke paas kundali (horoscope) dikhaane gaya.
Jyotish: Tera naam Santa hai.
Santa : Ji Maharaj
Jyotish: Tujhe 2 ladki aur 1 ladka hai.
Santa : Ji Maharaj
Jyotish: Tune abhi 10 kg rice khareede hain.
Santa : Maharaj ki jai ho.
Jyotish: Bewakoof ! Kundali dikha, Ration Card nahi..


Hindi |

2 cockroach गाना गा रहे थे |
जग घूमेया थारे जैसा ना कोई ..
दोनों मर गए।
क्यों ?

क्योंकि यह गाना HIT है |


Hindi |

Money may not be everything, but it sure keeps the kids writing to parents!
One college kid wrote home,
"Dear folks, I've been worried sick, because I haven't heard from you.
Please send me a check so I'll know you're okay."


English |

Ek aadmi STD shop per phone karne jaata hai
aur STD waale ko 2 thappad maarta hai. Kyon..?????
Kyonki STD shop ke baahar likha tha,
dial karne se pehle 2 lagaayein.



Winter comes again and again
summer comes again and again
but a person like you never comes again
because God never commits mistake again..


English |

आई थी मेरी कब्र पे दिया जलाने के लिए
आई थी मेरी कब्र पे दिया जलाने के लिए
पड़ा हुआ तेल भी ले गई
तड़का लगाने के लिए ..


Hindi |

Innocent kid: Mummy mujhe sister chaahiye.
Mom: Beta Dad abroad hain, jaise hi woh aayenge
hum baat karenge unse.
Kid: Aap unhe SURPRISE kyon nahi dete?



Hum gaye unki gali mein,
bole dil se dil laga lo,
jab dekha uski mummy ko to bole..
Joote, chappal theek kara lo.



Woh mile bhi to examination hall mein,
Tum hi batao paper karte ya mohabbat ..


Hindi |

Indian soldiers captured a Pakistani..
They gave him a dice and said:
If you will get 1,2,3,4,5 we will kill you.
Pakistani asked- 6 aaya to..?
Indian- Ludo nahi khela kya..?
Dubaara baari.



A man doesn't have vacation problems:
his boss tells him when to take them,
and his wife tells him where..


English |

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