रोये वो इस कदर उनकी लाश से लिपटकर
के लाश खुद उठ कर बोली
ले तू मर जा पहले
बदतमीज ऊपर ही चढ़े जा रहा है गर्मी में ..

Roye woh is kadar unki laash se lipatkar
ke laash khud uth kar boli
le tu mar ja pehle
badtameez upar hi chade jaa raha hai garmi mein..


Hindi |


Funny Slogans
RTO - Donate blood, but not on road.
Forest Deptt. - Shoot birds with camera,
not with guns.
Kingfisher - Fly with us, not on plane,
but with Beer..


English |

Short story.....
Two friends.....
See and Saw.....
One day see saw sea and
saw didn't see sea.
See saw sea and jumped in sea.
Saw didn't see sea but jumped in sea.
See saw saw in sea and
saw saw see in sea.
See saw both saw sea and
both saw and see were happy to see sea.
The End.....



Boy to other boy:-
Why you are flirting that girl, she already has a boy friend ..
Awesome Reply:-
Khali kursi pe to koi bhi baith sakta hai,
dum hai to kisi ko utha ke baitho..

- Hemant Singh

Hindi |

Someday u'll forget abt me..
my name.. my voice..
who i am and who i am to u..
and if that ever happens..
teri kasam khoon-kharaabaa ho jaayegaa..



A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station..


English |

Today's Top 3 Pakau Shayaries-
1. Teri adao pe main jaun waari waari..
Dial 139 for railway enquiry.
2. Na jine ki aarzu na marne ka khauf..
The number you are trying is currently switched off.
3. Apne ghamon ko bas dil me daba lo..
Naya godrej powder hair dye, Bas kaato gholo aur laga lo.


Hindi |

Ni Ni Sa sa re re sa sa re re
Saaa reee saa ree dha maa pa
dha maa pa dha Nii sa re
ga ma re pa
He He..
bas karo mere Indian Idol..


English |

Population control slogan in Bihar:
hum do, humaare do,
unke baad jitne bhi ho,
sabko delhi bhej do.....



Hurry Now Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro with quad-core processor
free with just One kg rice.!
Price of One kg rice is Rs. 17290..


English |

Devdas: Babuji ne kaha haveli chod do,
Maa ne kaha paro ko chod do,
ek din aayega jab paro ka bachcha kahega:
"Mamu, zaraa school chod do"!



Winter comes again and again
summer comes again and again
but a person like you never comes again
because God never commits mistake again..


English |

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