Past is experience,
Present is experiment
Future is expectations
Use your experience in your experiment
to achieve your expectations..


English |

करें प्रयास करें निरंतर श्रम
तब होगा लक्ष्मी आवाहन
कोमल मन में करुणा भर
तब होगा जीवन सफल ..

Karein prayaas karein nirantar shram
tab hoga Lakshmi aavaahan
komal man mein karuna bhar
tab hoga jeevan safal..


Hindi |

Har taraf aag
aman-o-chen mushkil hai
kuch viraasat kuch tera ehl-e-karam
zehen-o-sukuun mushkil hai
hai khudi mein khud har shaks
khuda milna mushkil hai
aage tamaasha, peeche bheed
manzil mushkil hai
hai khwaaish zindagi
dustoor mushkil hai..


Urdu |

Life is a rope that swings us through hope,
Always believe today is better than yesterday &
Tomorrow will be much better than today..


English |

Life is like a piano.
What you get out of it
depends on how you play it..


English |

Accept that some days you're the pigeon,
and some days you're the statue.


English |

Khwahish aisi karo ki aasman tak ja sako,
Dua aisi karo ki khuda ko pa sako,
Yun to jeene ke liye pal bahut kam hain,
Jiyo aise ki har pal mein zindagi pa sako..


Urdu |

तस्वीर ज़िन्दगी की बयां
मुझसे ना हो सकेगी
मेरी तौबा या मौला
तूने सीना भी दिया तो दिल के साथ

I am not able to narrate
the picture of Life
forgive me oh Lord
you have given me a tongue/courage
but that too with a heart ..


Hindi |

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