Dedicated to special people in my LIFE ..
I say crazy things when i am hyper
but don't do them..
I say stupid things when i am angry
but don't mean them..
I say hurtful things when i am hurt
but i didn't mean to hurt you..
I say silly things without thinking
but laugh at myself later..
To my friends who ignore my crazy talk and
laughat my silliness..
Thanks for accepting me the way i am..
Am glad i met you in this beautiful journey called



love is the word which is not only made for lovers...
It is also made for some special friends who
always love us more than lovers..!!


English |


It does not matter, if you don't have a lover..!!
Sometimes great stories continue just being friend ..!!


English |

A lover says,
"I will be with you in all your troubles"
but a good friend says,
"You will have no troubles when i am with you."



I waited nine months to see the world ,
One year year to walk,
Two years to talk,
Five years to study but
I really waited too many years to
find a cute friend like You!


English |


Closeness resides in heart .
So no matter how busy we are or
how far we are,
you are always remembered and
cared forever!!



New friends are like poems..
but old friends are like alphabets..
Don't forget your old friends because
you always need alphabets to read poems..



A friend is the one who is already there doing it
when every one else is saying, "Is there anything I can do..?"


English |

मिल जाती है कितनो को ख़ुशी
मिट जाते हैं कितनो के ग़म
messages इसलिए भेजते हैं हम
ताकि दूर रह कर भी अपनी दोस्ती ना हो कम ..


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