Today is World Poetry Day marks the importance of poetry in our lives.

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Definition of mixed feelings:
Watching your mother-in-law drive off a cliff in your new Mercedes..


English |

One day God asked me,
for how long do you need this lovely person along with you?
I just dropped a single drop of water into an ocean n told
"until You find this"



दर्द का साज़ दे रहा हूँ तुम्हे,
दिल का हर राज़ दे रहा हूँ ‍‌तुम्हे,
ये गज़ल-गीत सब बहाने हैं,
मैं तो आवाज़ दे रहा हूँ ‍‌तुम्हे.....।

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

I wonder how many times we forgive just because
we dont want to lose someone.
Even if they dont deserve forgiveness..

- Vidhi


English |


Bhul jana use jo tumhe bhula de,
Mat dekhna use jo tumhe Rula de,
par kabhi na hona dur uss shaksh se,
jo apni aanke bhigo kar bhi tumhe hasaa de.



You can see and you can listen ,
but you have to have moments in which you feel.
- Mike Krzyzewski


English |

Meri Khuwahish Hai Meri Shayari Ko Tum Samjho ,

Ye Aaarzo Nahi Kay Log Waah Waah Karain !




Apologizing does not always mean that
you're wrong and the other person is right.
It just means that you value your relationship
more than your ego..


English |

Sambhal-sambhal ke sajte hain
aaine mein woh
aur yeh bhi dekhte hain
koi dekhta na ho.



बहुत पानी बरसता है तो मिट्टी बैठ जाती है
न रोया कर बहुत रोने से छाती बैठ जाती है

यही मौसम था जब नंगे बदन छत पर टहलते थे
यही मौसम है अब सीने में सर्दी बैठ जाती है..

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |


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