Love Never Dies!!
It Remains Forever!!
n Forever..
n Forever..
n Forever..
Only Partner Changes..



Young generation ko sabse zada tention kab hoti hai???
Jab wo so kar uthe or unka mobile mummy k pas ho..
mummy hum sirf dost hain!



Boy: plz ek baar i love u bol de.
Girl: nahi mujhe sharam aati hai.
Boy: bol do na plz.
Girl: Dhattt.....
Boy: Plz ek baar..... dekh le..... behen nahi hai.



Age of Drinks:
1 to 3: Milk
3 to 8: Cerelac
9 to 13: Horlicks
14 to 25: Beer
26 to 40: Old Monk
41 to 60: Tonic
After 60: Anytime "Gangajal"



Policeman: Sir, how did you come to have this accident?
Motorist: Well, the sign just there says, Stop? Look? Listen . and
while i was doing that
the train hit me.



Biwi: Mujhe samajh nahi aata paisae kahan rakhun,
jahan chupati hun humaara beta chura leta hai.
Husband : Uski books mein chipa do, yeh kabhi hath nahi lagata..

- Kannan


Hindi |

Ek bewafa ki khatir humne jam utha liya....


Fir kya..

bread pe lagaya or kha liya!!

Moral: Sabi ashik sharabi ni hote kuch BHUKHE bhi hote hain..


Hindi |

Kal raat chand dekhney ke baad mainey chand se pucha ki
dekha meri 'jaan sa haseen' chand ne kaha:
Pehli gal: inni doroo kuch disda nahi.
Duji gal: mein tuhade pio da naukar nai .
Teeji teh akhri gal: ae KANJAR - KALESH thalle hi rakheya karo,
mere kol leke na aya karo.


Punjabi |

A man goes skydiving.
After a fantastic free fall he pulls the rip cord to open his parachute
but nothing happens. He tries everything but can't get it open.

Just then another man flies by him, going UP.
The skydiver yells, "Hey, you know anything about parachutes?"
The man replies, "No, you know anything about gas stoves?"


English |

Before I criticize a man,
I walk a mile in his shoes.
That way, if he gets angry,
he's a mile away and barefoot..


English |

It's always darkest before dawn.
So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper,
that's the time to do it..


English |

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