Woh humein bhoolane ki baat karte hain,
zaraa poocho woh humein kab yaad karte hain,
jo karte the kabhi humse pyaar hone ka daava..
aaj akele rehne ki baat karte hain.


Hindi |


Kyon yaad aati hai tumhaari,
kyun palke bheeg jaati hai humaari,
jahaan-jahaan bhi gire humaare aansoo,
kyun tasveer ban jaati hai tumhaari..


Hindi |

Badla wafa ka denge badi Saadgi se Hum,

Tum "Hum " se rooth jaaoge aur Zindagi se Hum


Urdu |

Loving someone who doesn't love you back
is like hugging a cactus.
The tighter you hold
the more it hurts..


English |

I am fighting back emotions
I have never had before
all because I am not supposed
to love you anymore..


English |


थक चुके हम उनका इनतजार करते-करते
रोये हजार बार खुद से तकरार करते-करते
दो लफज मुहब्बत के उनकी जुबां से न निकले और
टूट गए हम एक तरफा प्यार करते-करते..


Hindi |

दर्द कहाँ मोहताज होता है शब्दों का...!!!
बस दो आंसूं काफी हैं बयाँ करने को...!!!

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |

Unko khabar hai mere toote armaano ki,
aaj zaroorat padegi kaanch ke paimaano ki,
khaali na hone dena jaam yaaro,
yaad aa jaayegi warna fir se guzre zamaano ki.


Hindi |


Maikhaane mein jaam toot jaata hai,
ishq mein dil toot jaata hai,
na jaane kya rishta hai in dono mein,
jaam toote to ishq yaad aata hai..
dil toote to jaam yaad aata hai..


Hindi |

Woh mera tha yeh batana ajeeb lagta hai,
ab uss se aankh milana ajeeb lagta hai,
jo zindagi mein kabhi bhi mera na ho paiya,
ab uss ka khaaab mein aana ajeeb lagta hai,
tha jiska haath hamesha mere haathon mein,
Ab uss se haath milana ajeeb lagta hai..


Hindi |


Khuli jo aankhein to manzar ajeeb tha,
dard tha magar woh dil ke kareeb tha,
jinhe hum dhoondte the aathon ki lakiron mein,
woh to kisi aur ka naseeb tha..


Hindi |

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