Yeh yaad hai tumhaari..ya yaadon mein tum ho,
yeh khwaab hain tumhaare..ya khwaabo mein tum ho,
hum nahi jaante humein bas itna bataa do,
hum jaan hain tumhaari..ya humaari jaan ho tum..




When i was walking alone,
i wished that i can reach the end of the road.
But when u r walking with me,
i wish the road never ends..



Easiest ways to die:
1. Have a cigar daily, u'll die 10 yrs. early.
2. Have drinks daily, u'll die 30 yrs. early.
3. Love someone truly, u'll die daily..



Hum se dooor rehne waale,
hum tera intezaar karte hain,
tujhe paana to ik khwaab hai,
yeh jaante hue bhi hum
tujhi se pyaar karte hain..



No one in this world is pure and perfect.
If you avoid people for their little little mistakes,
you will always be alone.
So judge less and love more..!


English |

दुनिया एक तरफ और तू एक तरफ क्योंकि,
तू मेरी परी है और ये दुनिया बहुत बुरी है ..


Hindi |

Zamaane ki har jannat aapke liye hogi,
ye aasmaa ye zameen aapke liye hogi,
hum se keh bhi na paaoge uske pehle..
humaare hisse ki har khushi aapke liye hogi.



Jab kisi ke sapne kisi ke armaan ban jaayein,
jab kisi ki hasi kisi ki muskaan ban jaaye,
bepanaah pyaar kehte hain use..
jab kisi ki saansein kisi ki jaan ban jaaye.



Boyfriend messages to his Girlfriend:
Darling sorry to disturb U,
Can U send Ur photo,its vry urgnt,serios matter,
we are plying cards & I hv lost my "QUEEN."



Aankhein aapki pehchan hai humari,
muskaan aapki shaan hai humari,
hifazat se rakhna apne aapko,
kyoki saanse aapki jaan hain humari..

- Mini

Hindi |

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