You are a good runner
because you are always running on my mind.
You are a good thief
because you have stolen my heart
and i m not a good shooter
because i always miss you.




Dooor hain aap se to koi ghum nahi.
Dooor reh kar bhi bhulane wale hum nahi.
Roz mulaakat na ho paye to kya hua,
Aapki yaad mulaakat se kuch kum to nahi..


Hindi |

Khushi se dil ko aabaad karna,
har gham ko dil se aazaad karna,
hamaari bas itni guzaarish hai ki,
humein bhi din mein ek baar yaad karna.



Fir se woh milne ki takdir mil jaye,
Jeevan ka sabse haseen pal mil jaye,
chal yaar fir baithe class ki usi bench pe

Shaayd saare bichde
dost fir wahi mil jaye...

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |


Whenever you miss someone,
just look towards sky .
Though you will not see the person there
but you will feel happy
that You Two are under the same sky ..


English |

Aankhon mein rehne waalon ko yaad nahi karte,
dil mein rehne waalon ki baat nahi karte,
humaari to rooh mein bas gaye ho aap,
tabhi to milne ki fariyaad nahi karte.



Bachpan ki woh amiri na jane kaha kho gayi...
warna kabhi, barish ke pani mein
hamare bhi jahaaz chala karte the...


Hindi |

Always make your absence felt,
in such a way that somebody misses you,
but don't let your absence be so long
that somebody starts learning to live without you..



Khushiyon se dil ko aabaad kar lena,
aur ghamo ko dil se aazaad kar dena,
humaari bad itni guzaarish hai ki..
dil se kabhi humein bhi yaad kar lena.



Chithi likhde nu kalam puchan laggi,
tu kehnu dard sunaaun lagga,
koi tainu bhi yaad karda hai,
ke ainwe apna waqt gawaaun lagga.



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