Some of the best moments of life .
Lying on the bed, listening to the rain outside.
Thinking about the person u love .
Taking a long drive on a calm road.
A sweet an emotional conversation.
Finding money in ur old jeans just when u needed.
Giggling naughtily.
Holding hands with ur friend for a walk.
Getting a hug from someone u care the most.
The moments ur eyes are filled with tears after a big laugh.
This is all a part of life .
Just Enjoy!!




Never play with the feelings of others because
you may win the game but
the risk is that you will surely lose
the person for lifetime..



दर्द का साज़ दे रहा हूँ तुम्हे,
दिल का हर राज़ दे रहा हूँ ‍‌तुम्हे,
ये गज़ल-गीत सब बहाने हैं,
मैं तो आवाज़ दे रहा हूँ ‍‌तुम्हे.....।

- Vikas Umrao

Hindi |

Hurting someone can be as easy as
throwing a stone in the sea.
But do you have any idea
how deep that stone can go..


English |


F - Father
A - And
M - Mother
I - is
L - Loving
Y - You
So, take care of your parents allways..



पल भर के लिए ही सही
उम्र तमाम ना करो
ज़रा सी ख्यालों में तुम पनाह दो
यूँ मेरी कोशिशें नाकाम ना करो
दुनियावालों की छोड़ो
किसी एक वज़ह से
पूरी कौम को बदनाम ना करो ..

- Subrat Kumar Sahu


Hindi |


लो फिर बहार का तोहफ़ा
चंद फूल चंद कलियाँ
हरे-हरे से झूमते पत्ते
ये कायनात-ओ-कुदरत
और इस सब में आप ..


Hindi |

क्या लिखूँ SMS अब इतना काफी है
सब कुछ तो लिख दिया मिलना बाकी है ..


Hindi |


Rain and Sunshine do not always come together,
Night and Day never coincide,
But You and I, whatever they say, is for me the perfect match..


English |

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