Ek aurat coke pee rahi thi
ki coke mein ek cheenti gir gayi.
Cheenti ka baap aurat se jo bola
woh sun kar aurat behosh ho gayi..



नारी के चक्कर में भूल ना जाना यारी
जब लात मारेगी नारी
तब याद आएगी हमारी
यह मैसेज MBA की तरफ से
M-मर्द , B-बचाओ , A-आंदोलन ..

Naari ke chakkar mein bhool na jana Yaari
jab laat maaregi naari
tab yaad aaegi humaari
Yeh message MBA ki taraf se
M-Mard, B-Bachao, A-Aandolan..


Hindi |

Easy way to kill an ant:
Mix chilli powder with sugar and give it.
After eating that it will search for water.
The ant will go in search of water somewhere near a water tank.
When the ant goes near the water tank, push the ant into it.
Now the ant who is fully soaked in water will go to dry near fire.
When it reaches near fire, put a bomb into the fire.
Then you admit the wounded ant in ICU.
Remove the oxygen mask from it's mouth and kill it.



Shaabji Anthem: Shuno gaur se duniya waalo,
chaahe kitne mehal bana lo,
uske aage garden bana lo,
uske aage gate laga lo,
gate ke aage honge hum shaabji..o o o o o shaabji..



A rajasthaani version of
johny-johny yes papa rhyme:
Kallu kallu,
ke baapu,
mitho khaayo,
na baapu,
jhooth boleyo,
na baapu,
jabraa khol,
thu thu thu.



Har nazar ko ik nigaah ka haq hai,
har rooh ko ik aah ka haq hai,
hum bhi dil lekar aaye hain,
humein bhi ik gunaah ka haq hai..



What is the cube of 13?
Wondering how?
That’s because


Hindi |

5 June 2010..
Ek sachchi ghatna.
Jise sun kar insaan ki rooh tak kaanp jaati hai.
Magar zaalimo ke haath tak na kaanpe.
Dehradun mein 17 saal ki ek maasoom bachchi.
Jisne abhi 12th complete kiya tha.
Aur jo din uske enjoy karne ke the.
Uske apne sage baap-bhai ne behla-fusla kar.
Uska engineering ka form bharva diya.



Why a man with a broken heart does not need General Knowledge.?
Jab dil hi toot gayaa,
to hum G.K. kya karenge..



PYAR means:
P - Phone karna
Y - Yaad karna
A - Aazaadi khona
R - Rote rehna ki phone kab aayega.



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