Santa rail mein susu karne gayaa,
waapis aane per wife ne poocha,
Aapka pyjaama geela kaise ho gayaa?
Santa : Wahaa likha tha,
shareer ka koi bhi ang baahar na nikaale.



Santa went to doctor to loose weight.
Doctor: If you will run eight kilometers a day for 300 days, you will loose 34 kilos.
At the end of 300 days,
Santa called the doctor to report he had lost the weight, but he had a problem.
"What's the problem?" asked the doctor.
Santa : I'm 2400 kms from home..


English |

Santa car mein battery lagwaane gaya.
Mechanic ne poocha: Exide ki laga du?
Santa sochne laga, fir bola: Baar-baar kaun aayega,
Dono side ki laga de..



Wife -Aji sunte ho ghar me namak khatam ho gaya he

daal me kya daalu,

Santa -Dimaag to h hi nhi

nya colgate active salt daal de

usme namak hai



Santa & Banta were crossing river on a boat.
Banta - Hey ! this boat is sinking.
Santa - Doobne de yaar, kaun si apni hai..


Hindi |

Santa was experimenting with a cockroach.
He cut one of his legs and told it to walk.
The cockroach began moving slowly.
He continued till all legs were cut.
Then he told it to walk, but it didn't move.
So he wrote the inference:
If all the legs of a cockroach were cut,
it loses it's ability to hear.



Judge to Santa : tum 3rd time adalat main aa rahe ho.
Tumhe sharam nahi aati..?
Santa : janab tusi ta roz hi aande ho
tuhanu ta dubb ke mar jana chaida hai.



Santa : Bhaisaab, kya time hua hai??
A man: 10:30
Santa : Saalaa subha se pooch rahaa hun,
sab alag alag time bataa rahe hain..



Santa : Why do you send me each message two times..??
Banta: So that even if you send one to someone
still one remains with you..


English |

santa ko sapne me kisi ne goli maar di!!
2nd day santa ne apna bank account close karwa diya kyonki
bank mein likha tha - hum aapke sapno ko hakikat mein badal denge.



Teacher: If I give you two rabbits, and two rabbits and two more rabbits then
how many rabbits you will be having..?
Santa : Seven.
Teacher: Oh! Listen carefully.
If I give you two rabbits, and two rabbits and two more rabbits then
how many rabbits you will be having..?
Santa : Seven.
Teacher: Ok. Let me ask you
If I give you two chocolates, and two chocolates and two more chocolates then
how many chocolates you will be having..?
Santa : Six.
Teacher: Good. Now tell me
If I give you two rabbits, and two rabbits and two more rabbits then
how many rabbits you will be having..?
Santa : Seven.
Teacher: How is that..?
Santa : I am already having one at home.


English |

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