A crime story:
Five friends lived in a room.
There names were Mad, Brain, Fool, Somebody & Nobody.
One day Somebody killed Nobody. That time Brain was bathing.
Mad called Police .
Police : Yes, what's the matter?
Mad: Sir, Somebody killed Nobody.
Police : Are you mad?
Mad: Yes, i am Mad.
Police : Don't you have Brain.
Mad: Sir, Brain is in the bathroom.
Police : You fool.
Mad: Sir, i am Mad,
Fool is reading the message.




Thandi coffee ko garam kar lo,
is pathar dil ko thoda naram kar lo,
Aapke hote hue Inbox khaali hai,
thodi si to yaar sharam kar lo..


Hindi |

Ek msg roz, keep d friends close,
ek din mein paanch, dosti per na aaye aanch,
ek din mein bees, tu pehle ek to bhej battmeez.



If I was an artist, you would be my picture!
If I was a poet, you would be my inspiration!
If I was an author you would be my story!

But I’m only a cartoonist..


English |

KBC dweetiya!!
Chaliye aaie, aap aur hum is khel ko khelte hain.
Q: Nobody's like U, coz u r:
A: Fool
B: Monkey
C: Idiot
D: Mental
kya kahaa, 50/50 use karna chaahte hain.
Computerji plz do galat jawaab mitaa dijiye,
aur hamaare saamne rehne dijiye
1 sahi aur 1 galat jawaab.
B: Monkey
D: Mental
so u want to use ph. a friend lifeline?????
OK.....call me i'll tell u!!!!!!!!!




Ni Ni Sa sa re re sa sa re re
Saaa reee saa ree dha maa pa
dha maa pa dha Nii sa re
ga ma re pa
He He..
bas karo mere Indian Idol..


English |

Jaam kadwaa hai
per itna bhi nahi ki peeya na jaye,
zindagi mein gham hain
per itne bhi nahi ki jiya na jaaye,
maana sms ke charges hain
per itne bhi nahi ki kiya na jaaye.



This msg is strictly for smart & cute readers.
Since you have received this
it's obviously a technical error.
The sender deeply apologizes.
Sorry for the inconvenience..


English |

Who said english is easy Fill these blanks with yes/no:
1. ____, i don't have a brain.
2. ____, i'm stupid.
3. ____, i'm not human, i'm donkey.
SmIlE pLz



Who is Hot?
It's U.
Who's Charming?
It's U.
Who's Sweetest?
It's U.
Who's Smart?
It's U.
Who's Darling of Millions?
It's U.
Zyaadaa udo mat, yeh message mujhe aaya tha..



Five roses just for you
because you are a special person:
1st rose - for friendship
2nd rose - for trust
3rd rose - for wealth
4th rose - for happiness
and the last 5th kaan par lagaa lena.



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