Uske liye jeena seekho
jo aap ke liye marne ko tyaar ho,
aur use hamesha khush rakho
jiske dil mein sirf aap ke liye hi pyaar ho..




Love is the only reality and it is not a mere sentiment.
It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation.
- Rabindranath Tagore


English |

Love is so easy to feel, so hard to explain,
easy to get, so hard to let go,
easy to spell, so hard to define,
yet everyone is still taking the risk.



Jo tumse behad pyar krta hain
Unhe kabhi bhi dimaag se answer mat do
Unhe apne dil ki gehraiyon se answer do..

- Neha Priya Minj

Hindi |

The awesomest feeling in the world ...

Listening to someone's heartbeat, u love ..

And suddenly getting to know...

The pace was raising just because of U... :)

- Tarun Goma


English |

उनके चेहरे को अपनी आँखों से हटा ना सके
दिल की बेताबी की सूरत दिखा ना सके
कितनी दिलचस्ब हैं मोहब्बत की मजबूरियां
सामने मंज़िल थी पर कदम बढ़ा ना सके..


Hindi |

Have you ever thought..
What a green field feels seeing rainy clouds!
What a child feels looking at its mother just after birth!
What a sister feels when her brother says sorry for his mistakes!
What a girlfriend feels when her boyfriend in a winter night
walk holding her hand and rub them to give them warmth!
What a father feels when his child hugs him and say I love u Dad!
What a friend feels when after a huge fight a message come i need u yaar!
Words can't define but it's only love which connects..



Tussi hasde ho saanu hasaan waaste,
tussi ronde ho saanu rulaan waaste,
tussi ik vaari russ ke te vekho sohniye,
assi mar jaavaange taenu manaan vaaste.....



नफरतों - गफलतों का दौर बहुत हुआ
आओ अब आगाज़ - ए - मोहब्बत करें
बेरूखी के फर्ज़ निभाते मुद्दत हो चली
आओ अब दीदार - ए - तबस्सुम करें
ज़िम्मेदारियां ज़ंजीर ना हो जाएं
आओ पैग़ाम - ए - उल्फत पढें
हसरतों के काफिले मीलों से चल रहे
आओ अब ख़्वाब - ए - हमसफ़र बनें ।


Hindi |

Easiest ways to die:
1. Have a cigar daily - You will die 10 years early.
2. Have drinks daily - You will die 30 years early.
3. Love someone truly - You will die daily.



If you wake up in a red room
with no windows and doors,
don't panic..
You are just in my heart .


English |

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