Woh kaise log hain yaa-rabb jin-hone paa liya tujh ko
hume to ho gaya dushwaar ek insaan ka milna..


Urdu |


Ye ab khulaa hai ki koi bhi manzar mera na tha
main jis mein reh raha tha wahi ghar mera na tha..


Urdu |

Mujhe apni chaadar mein is tarah dhaanp lo
zameen asmaan kuch dikhaai na de
khuda aise ehsaas ka naam hai
rahe saamne aur dikhaai bhi na de..


Urdu |

Khwaishon ke bharose kuch dur chale aaye hum
karni thi tumse kuch baatein vo kar na paye hum
dil mein the armaan dabe jo vo bayaan kar na paye hum
khwaishon ke bharose dur chale aaye hum..

- Laksh Kesa

Hindi |

Halaat mere mujhse na maaloom kijiye,
muddat hui hai mujhse mera wasta nahi..


Urdu |


Yaadon ke haashiye bhi ahem hain buhat Mohsin
deemak lagi kitaab ko aahisata kholiye..


Urdu |

Kafan na dalo mere chehre pe
mujhe aadat hai muskurane ki
na dafnaao meri laash ko
mujhe ab bhi umeed hai uske aane ki..


Urdu |

Udaas dil ka thikana kisi ko kahan maaloom
hum apne aap se bichrre to phir jaane kahan honge..


Urdu |

Bujh chuke chiraag dairo haram ke,
Dil jalaao ki roshni kam hai..


Urdu |

Dekha jo woh jaam teri yaad aa gayi
yeh shaam tere naam, teri yaad aa gayi
har koi jaanata tha mujhe tere naam se
poocha kisi ne naam, teri yaad aa gayi..


Urdu |


Ginoo sab hasratein jo khoon hui hain tan ke maqtal mein
mere qaatil hisaab-e-khoon baha aise nahi hota..


Urdu |

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