Pick a chrysanthemum near a fence and
enjoy the mountain in the south at your leisure. - Tao Yuanming


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जो देखता हूँ वही बोलने का आदी हूँ
मैं अपने शहर का सबसे बड़ा फ़सादी हूँ.. - शकील शाह


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Yeh shaayari kaam nahi unka jo raat din bottlo me doobe raha karte hai,
Yeh to sirf wo kar sakte hai jo nasha kalam se kiya karte hai.


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Life hai choti har baat mein khush raho,
Koi naraz hai to uske andaz mein khush raho,
Jise dekh nahi sakte uski aawaz mein khush raho,
Jise pa nahi sakte uski yaad mein khush raho.



Life is all about waking up each day
to discover something new,
about meeting old people
but making new conversations,
walking through old roads
but still feeling nice about it,
realizing that you have grown a day older
but still feeling young at heart ,
meeting busy schedules
but still finding time for old friends,
being nostalgic about by gone days
but looking forward to better days,
wanting to shoot the sender
who sent you such a long message
but still manage to smile..




Alphabet "O" stand for Opportunity,
Which is absent in "yesterday"
Available once in "Today"
Thrice in "Tomorrow"
Stay Positive Always!

- Hemant Singh

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What is trust?????
Trust is a feeling that a one year child has,
when u throw him in thr air,
he laughs because he knows that you will catch him, without falling.



When someone is poor
no one knows him
but when the same person becomes rich
he knows no one..


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A newspaper is not just for reporting the news as it is,
but to make people mad enough to do something about it.
- Mark Twain


English |

A Mechanic was removing some engine parts
from a bike when he saw a Heart Surgeon in his shop.
He called the Surgeon and said:
Look at this engine.
I opend its Heart , took the valves out,
repaired and put them back.
So why do I get such a small salary and
you get such a huge sum.?
The Doctor smiled at the Mechanic and
came close to his ear and said:
Try the same thing when the engine is runing..


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Life is at its weakest when
there are more doubts than trust.
But Life is at its strongest when
you learn how to trust inspite of the doubts.



For religion, God is at the beginning;
for science God is at the end. - Noble Laureate Max Planck


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