थोड़ी राहत मिली है
हैदराबाद के दोषी मारे हैं
उन्नाव और दिल्ली के दरिंदे अब भी ज़िंदा हैं
बोलो कब उनकी बारी है ??


Hindi |

मुझे चाँद पर जाने की ख़्वाहिश नहीं
दे सको तो निर्भया - दिशा के हत्यारों को फांसी दो
बहन - बेटी का हो जहाँ सम्मान ऐसा संसार दो ..


Hindi |

Rutthi jo zindagi to mana lenge hum,
mile jo gham woh seh lenge hum,
bus aap rehna humesha saath humare
to nikalte huye aansuo mein bhi muskura lenge hum..

- Dipak

Hindi |


Mausam chaahe badalte rahe,
par yaadon ke phool jaroor khilenge,
samay badlegaa, rishtey badlenge,
par hum dost the..hain..aur hameshaa rahenge..



O friend ji..tussi mithaa aam ho,
coca-cola da jaam ho,
sir dard ka baam ho,
saaraa kuch theek hai,
bas SMS nahi karde,
bas es waaste badnaam ho..



Real friend cares like a mom,
scolds like a dad,
teases like a sister,
irritates like a brother
and loves more than a lover..


English |

Fish said to water : you won't see my tears,
because I am in the water.
Water replied : But I can feel your tears
because you are in my heart .
That's Friendship !


English |


Kaun kambakht chaahta hai bhulaana,
dhoondte rehte hain yaad karne ka bahaana,
aap karein lakh berukhi..
farz hai humaara dosti yaad dilaana.



May be i am not an important person in your life .
But one day when you hear my name you would just smile n say,
"I had a friend in this name."
That's enough for me..




Koi samajh na paae woh baat hun main,
dhal ke nai subha laaye woh raat hun main,
chale jaate hain log is duniya se rishte bana kar,
kabhi chhod ke na jaaye woh saath hun main..



Rich in good luck..it's you.
Rich in good eyes ..it's you.
Rich in good smile..it's you.
Rich by heart ..it's you.
Rich in good friend .
Wait a minute..
it's me coz
i have you!



It's just meaningless to expect
ur friend to b of ur kind..
because you can't hold
one's right hand in ur right hand to walk together..



What is real but invisible?
Your care!
What is true but unfair?
Your absence!
What is sweet but naughty?
Your smile!
N what is precious but priceless?
Your friendship !



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