Whenever you miss someone,
just look towards sky .
Though you will not see the person there
but you will feel happy
that You Two are under the same sky ..


English |


All are incomplete witho_t
That's why i miss "U" a lot..



Din mein deepak jalaane se kya hoga,
raakh mein aag lagaane se kya hoga,
jab aapko aati nahi humaari yaad,
to aapko yaad dilaane se kya hoga..



Care is the main ingredient that keeps true friendship alive,
despite separation, distance and time.
Since I can't see u,
let my care be with u.....



Hum Aap Ko Kabhi Khoney Nahin Denge,
Juda Hona Chaha To Bhi Hone Nahin Denge,
Chandni Raton Mein Aayegi Meri Yaad,
To Meri Yaad Ke Woh Pal Aapko Sone Nahin Denge..

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |


Teri dooori ka ehsaas jab sataane lagaa,
tere saath beeta har lamhaa yaad aane lagaa,
jab-jab tujhse dooor jaane ka socha,
tu dil ke aur kareeb..aur kareeb aane lagaa.



Aeni fariyaad meri ki mainu yaad rakhi,
mere naal beete pal abaad rakhi,
jehde pyaar karde ne tenu unna wichon mera pyaar yaad rakhi,
bhaave mainu sabna toh baad rakhi..


Punjabi |

Baadal garja magar barsaat nahi aai,
dil dhadkaa magar aawaaz nahi aai,
pura din guzarne ko hai,
kya ek baar bhi humaari yaad nahi aai..?



When you miss someone, you message them
to let them know that you are thinking of them.
But the truth is you really want them to think of you.



Time may lead me somewhere away from you,
fate may wipe me from your memory,
but i will always be thankful that
once in life's journey , we became friends..


English |

मोहब्बत ऐसी थी की उनको सिखाई न गयी
चोट दिल पे थी इसलिए दिखाई न गयी
चाहते नहीं थे उनसे दूर होना
पर दूरियां इतनी थी की मिटाई न गयी..


Hindi |

उन्हें तो फुरसत नहीं मिलने की हमसे
और हमारा वक़्त गुज़रता है उनकी फ़रि याद करके
अगर आए वो मेरी मौत पर तो कहना
अभी - अभी सोया है तुम्हे याद करके ..

Unhe to fursat nahi milne ki humse
aur humaara waqt guzarta hai unki fariyaad karke
agar aaye woh meri maut per to kehna
abhi-abhi soye hain tumhe yaad karke..


Hindi |

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