Sabarimala Mandir par adhikaar jataate
Supreme Court ko aankh dikhaate
Samaanta Ka Adhikaar Modiji Shirdi mein bataate
kaho kaise didi aap darshan paate..


Hindi |

Mere fazil dost kahaani kuch aise likh
ki padhne ke liye mehtab laazmi ho..

Fazil - Superior
Mehtab - Moonlight
Laazmi - Mandatary


Urdu |

Kashish teri mujhe le hi aai
waasta is jahaan se kuch tha nahi
aa mohlat-e-sukoo'n ataa kar
roshni se teri bismil kar..


Urdu |

Apna woh nahi jo paas aa gaya,
paraya woh nahi jo dooor chala gaya,
aane-jaane se nahi bante apne paraaye,
apna woh hai jo dil mein samaa gaya.



Real love is not based on romance,
candle light dinner and walks along the beach.
In face, is based on respect,
compromise, care and trust..


English |

Lantern In A Soul

Love lights the lantern in a soul,
Laughter keeps it beaming bright;
Lightheartedness heals it whole,
Life's journey is well poised for flight.

But when Love is lost, all laughter dies,
Grief snuffs out every little spark;
Darkness circles tearful eyes,
To leave a lasting scarring mark.

Then the lantern in a soul grows weak,
No hopeful flicker gleams and glows;
The flare of fun grows darkly bleak,
With wicked, weeping, wailing woes.

Light your lantern, guard its glow,
And light will lead you where you go.

- Roann Mendriq


English |

A man asked GOD , what is LOVE ?
GOD replied: Go to the garden and get the most beautiful flower.
Man returned empty handed & told that i found the most beautiful
flower but i kept walking in hope of a better one.
And then i realised that i had ignored the best one.
i went back but could not find it there.
GOD said This is LOVE .
You don't value it when you have it
but repent when you lose it.
So never let your Dearest go.

This sms conveys a simple message of contentment and to value relations. Also, it is best said that a bird in hand is better than two in the bushes.

To someone you love and who might be ignoring you.

Preferably in night or at a time when the person you are sending this sms is alone and is at leisure so that he or she can actually put a thought to it as to why you have send this message.


English |

Have you ever thought..
What a green field feels seeing rainy clouds!
What a child feels looking at its mother just after birth!
What a sister feels when her brother says sorry for his mistakes!
What a girlfriend feels when her boyfriend in a winter night
walk holding her hand and rub them to give them warmth!
What a father feels when his child hugs him and say I love u Dad!
What a friend feels when after a huge fight a message come i need u yaar!
Words can't define but it's only love which connects..



When your day gets tired
think of me as night
no matter what you are
I have to embrace you..

Jab tumhara din thak jaaye
to socho main raat hun
kaise bhi ho jaao
mujhe tumhe seene se hi lagaana hai..


English |

Unhe gumaa hai ki hum unse mohabbat karte hain,
humein gumma hai ki woh humse mohabbat karte hain,
yun hi kat rahe hain zindagi ke din..
na woh izhaar karte hain na hum izhaar karte hain.



प्यार एक हद में अच्छा लगता है ,
अक्सर हद से ज़्यादा प्यार होने से दूरियां आ जाती हैं ।

- Manpreet Singh

Hindi |

Whoever said that Love is blind
was limited to stereoscopic vision,
Love , in fact, empowers You
with the Fifth Dimension..


English |

Hawa hun..main har dum aazaad hun
lakh kar le koshish juda hone ki
teri saanson mein hun main
mehsoos karo to paaoge
tujhme hi hun main..


Hindi |