Santa went to an electrical shop.
Santa : 2 panke dena; 1 ladies aur 1 gents.
Salesman: Pankhon mein ladies aur gents nahi hota.
Santa : Kaise nahi hote..1 Bajaj ka de aur 1 Usha ka..


Hindi |

Banta - What is pin-drop darkness?
Santa - If you drop a pin and can't find it
then it is pin-drop drakness..


English |

Santa : Dr. main subha 9 baje uth-ta hun to mujhe
saana lene mein taklif hoti hai.
Dr: Beta jaldi utha karo kyonki Saari Oxygen to
Baba Ramdev aur unke chele kheench lete hain..



Santa : I am always delighted
when people stick their noses in my business.
Banta: Why, what do you do..?
Santa : I make Tissue Papers..


English |

Government promised jiske 5 bachche hain oose ghar degi.
Santa ke 3, usne Wife se kaha: Padosan ke 2 bhi mere hain,
unko lata hun.
Lane ke baad:
Santa : Apne 3 kaha gaye?
Wife : Jinke the woh le gaye.



Hindi teacher asks Santa : Kaal kitne prakaar ke hote hain?
Santa : O G 7 prakaar ke -
1. Local kaal
2. STD kaal
3. ISD kaal
4. Missed kaal
5. Received kaal
6. Dialled kaal aur
7. Sat Sri Akal


Punjabi |

Santa was the only person who was dancing in a crowd.
Later he realised that it was a mourning gathering.


English |

3 chor Billu, Sonu aur Santa
Police se chhup ke 3 boriyon me ghus gaye.
Police wala aaya, usne pehli bori mein laat maari.
Billu: BOW-BOW.
Police wala: Kutta hai.
Dusri bori mein laat maari.
Sonu: MIAUU.
Police wala: Billi hai.

Teesri bori mein laat mari.
Koi aawaz nahi aayi.
Fir mari.. Koi awaz nahi..
20-25 laat mari to andar se Santa chillaaya:
Abe metric fail, AALOO kabhi bolta hai kya..


Hindi |

As pilots, Santa and Banta were trying to land an airplane.
They start descending and as they touch the ground Santa screamed:
"Get the airplane up, the runaway is ending...".
Banta swiftly gets the plane back up in the air...

They make a big turn and start descending again.
The moment they touch the ground, Santa screamed again
"Get the plane up, the runaway is ending...".
Banta swiftly gets the plane back up in the air...

They make a big turn and start descending again...
This goes on again and again...

During their fourth descent Santa says:
"Look at those stupid people,
they build this huge & expensive airport
but with such a short runaway...",
"I know" answers Banta, "But look how wide they made it...."


English |

Banta send sms to Santa : Bhejne wala mahan,
padhne wala buddhu.
Santa got angry and replied: Bhejne wala budddhu,
padhne wala mahan.


Hindi |

Tutor: Write ur father's name in english.
Santa wrote "Beautiful Red Underwear"
Tutor saw and asked - Are u mad or what?????
Santa : No, his name is Sunder Lal Chadda.



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