कई राज़ ऐसे होते हैं जो बोले नहीं जाते
कई दिल ऐसे होते हैं जो तोड़े नहीं जाते
और कुछ लोग बिलकुल आप जैसे होते हैं
जो छोड़े नहीं जाते ..


Hindi |


A true friend is not like rain
which comes and goes.
A true friend is like air,
sometimes flowing..sometimes quiet
but always there..


English |

Muskuraahat ka koi mol nahi hota,
Kuch rishto ka koi tol nahi hota,
Waise log to mil jate hai har moar,
Par har koi aapki tarah
"ANMOL" nahi hota..


Hindi |


Whenever i sit alone,
i just look at my hands and
see the criss-cross lines and
wonder which special line made me so lucky
to have a friend like you!



When people receive my messages,
they think that i am addicted 2 messaging.
But they are wrong..
because they don't know that,
I am addicted to hold relationships..


English |

I may not be the most important person in your life ..
but i am just sure that
one day when you hear my name
you would just smile n say,
"Hey, that's my friend .."




Time would make us forget some persons,
but there would be some persons
who would make us to forget time.
They are our best of best friends..



Lo ji..
Garmiaan da tohfa:


Ice cream for you..
thodi jahi khaa ke agge forward kar do..
garmi sirf tuhaano hi nahi lagdi.




मिल जाती है कितनो को ख़ुशी
मिट जाते हैं कितनो के ग़म
messages इसलिए भेजते हैं हम
ताकि दूर रह कर भी अपनी दोस्ती ना हो कम ..


Hindi |

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