Someone asked what makes people HAPPY ?
Some said wealth and some said fame.
I was thinking abt this when my cell beeped
& ur sms came.
I smiled and said, "This makes me HAPPY ..."




Care for the one who shares with you,
Share with the one who knows you,
Know the one who misses you,
Miss the one who Well Wishes for you.



It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lose it,
but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives..


English |

बात ऐसी हो की जज़्बात कम ना हो
खयालात ऐसे हों की कभी ग़म ना हो
दिल के कोने में इतनी सी जगह रखना
की खाली - खाली सा लगे जब हम ना हों ..

Baat aisi ho ki jazbaat kam na ho
khayalaat aise ho ki kabhi gham na ho
dil ke kone mein itni si jagah rakhna
ki khali-khali sa lage jab hum na ho..


Hindi |

Your absence should be long enough so that somebody misses you.
but it shouldn't be so long that somebody learns to live without you.




A rain drop looks very small but
somewhere a thirsty flower awaits its fall.
As my sms looks very small but
the sending heart remembers you a Lot..


English |

Kaash fir milne ki woh tarqeeb mil jaaye
saath jo bitaaye woh pal mil jaaye,
chal fir banaaye sagar per ret ke makaan
kya pata apna guzra hua kal mil jaaye..



Sarak gaya jis ghadi sir se naqaab uska,
le gayaa jaan meri zaalim hijaab uska,
mehekte rehte the jinse mere sham-o-sahar,
ab bhi pannon mein dabaa rakhaa hai gulaab uska,
jab bhi hoti hai koi baat shab-e-mehfil mein,
jikr hota hai her baat mein janaab uska.



Aeni fariyaad meri ki mainu yaad rakhi,
mere naal beete pal abaad rakhi,
jehde pyaar karde ne tenu unna wichon mera pyaar yaad rakhi,
bhaave mainu sabna toh baad rakhi..


Punjabi |

Kehne ko lafz nahi hai koi,
likhne ko message nahi hai koi,
par itna jaante hain apna khayaal rakhiyega
aap jaisa humaare paas dusra nahi hai koi.



Itni jaldi daaman chod diya,
itni jaldi vaada tod diya,
abhi to zindagi ki saansein hain baaki..
aur aapne abhi se yaad karna chod diya.



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