Love is not about holding hands while you understand each other,
it's about having many misunderstandings
and still not leaving each others hand..


English |


How gently and lovingly
You awake in my heart ,
Where in secret You dwell alone;
And in You sweet breathing,
Filled with good and glory,
How tenderly You swell my heart with love .


English |

मैं चाहता ही ना था उसे लाजवाब करना
वरना जवाब मेरे पास उसके हर सवाल का था
उसकी जीत से होती थी ख़ुशी मुझको
यही जवाब मेरे पास अपनी हार का था ..


Hindi |

Masoom mohabbat ka bas itna fasaana hai,
kaagaz ki haveli hai.. baarish ka zamaana hai,
kya shart-e- mohabbat hai.. kya shart-e-zamaana hai,
aawaaz bhi zakhmi hai aur geet bhi gana hai,
us paar utarne ki umeed bahut kam hai,
kashti bhi purani hai,
tufaan ko bhi aana hai,
samjhe ya na samjhe who andaaz mohabbat ke,
ek shaks ko aankhon se haal-e-dil sunaana hai,
bholi si ada.. koi fir ishq ki zid par hai,
fir aag ka dariyaa hai, fir doob ke jaana hai..
fir aag ka dariyaa hai, fir doob ke jaana hai..



Boyfriend messages to his Girlfriend:
Darling sorry to disturb U,
Can U send Ur photo,its vry urgnt,serios matter,
we are plying cards & I hv lost my "QUEEN."



Jaam pe jaam peene se kya faayeda,
raat guzaari to saari utar jaaegi,
kisi ki aankhon se peo,
khuda kasam umar saari nashe mein guzar jaaegi.



यह बता पाना मुश्किल है
कि क्यों नहीं नींद है
वो सपनों में कैसे आएं
जो साँसों में मौज़ूद है ..

It's hard to tell the reason
for sleepless nights
how will someone come in dreams
when they are there in our breaths..


Hindi |

Mere fazil dost kahaani kuch aise likh
ki padhne ke liye mehtab laazmi ho..

Fazil - Superior
Mehtab - Moonlight
Laazmi - Mandatary


Urdu |

Love is so easy to feel, so hard to explain,
easy to get, so hard to let go,
easy to spell, so hard to define,
yet everyone is still taking the risk.



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