Mere bazurgon ka saya tha jab talak mujh par
main apni umar se chota dikhayi deta tha..


Hindi |


दादाजी के कम्बल में छुपकर
आँख - मिचोली होती थी
जब छोटा था तो मेरी
परियों से बातें होती थीं
सबके घर जाना
सबसे घुल मिल जाना
बस यही तिज़ारत होती थी ..

तिज़ारत - business


Hindi |

सदा तो धूप के हाथों में ही परचम नहीं होता,
खुशी के घर में भी बोलो कभी क्या ग़म नहीं होता..?
फक़त एक आदमी के वास्ते जग छोड़ने वालो,
फक़त उस आदमी से ये ज़माना कम नहीं होता..!

- Vikas Umrao


Hindi |

5 frogs are sitting on a wall.
4 decided to jump.
How many are left now..?
Ans: Five
There is a lot of difference between
deciding and doing..


English |

If we desire to blossom like a rose in the garden,
we must learn the art of adjusting with the thorns..




If we open a quarrel between past and present,
we shall find that we have lost the future.


English |

When u face Choices..

Just Toss a Coin..

Not because it solves the Question..
But while the Coin is in Air..
We will know."What our Heart is Hoping for?"



When you win you celebrate but
do the same when you loose..
because you have given a chance for someone to celebrate.
That's Attitude !




Zindagi Hai Chhoti,
Har Pal Me Khush Hun.
Office Me Khush Hun,
Ghar Me Khush Hun.
Aaj Paneer Nahi Hai,
Daal Me Hi Khush Hun.
Aaj Gaadi Nahi Hai,
Do Kadam Chal Ke Bhi Khush Hun.
Aaj Doston Ka Saath Nahi Hai,
Photo Dekh Ke Hi Khush Hun.

Aaj Koi Naraaz Hai,
Uske Is Andaz Me Bhi Khush Hun.
Jisko Dekh Nahi Sakta,
Uski Awaaz Me Hi Khush Hun.
Beeta Hua Kal Ja Chuka Hai,
Uski Meethi Yadon Me Bhi Khush Hun.
Aane Wale Pal Ka Pata Nahi,
Sapno Me Hi Khush Hun.
Hanste Hanste Yun Hi Beet Jaye Zindagi ,
Bas Har Pal Sabko Khushi De Kar Khush Hun.
Agar Dil Ko Chhua To Reply Karna,
Nahi To Aise Hi Khush Hun.!



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