- Shinaakht -
Dhadkane rukne ka dum nahi bharti
har raat ke baad meri subha ho rahi hai

meelon safar karta jaa raha hu
fir bhi meri manzil nahi ho rahi hai

mehfil mein shirkat to bahut
magar koi guftgu nahi ho rahi hai

rooh ko meri dafna de koi
rafta-rafta jo kafan ho rahi hai

har shakhs ki yahi dua maula kismat badal
aatish se guzarne ki nahi himmat ho rahi hai

hain dard kai reh-reh kar bolte hain
sunaayein kisko aawaaz ro rahi hai

bhookh ab paet se poochti hai
kya teri bhi meri si haalat ho rahi hai

peele sone ki chamak ka kya karein
meri to tere se roshni ho rahi hai

ho rahi ruk-ruk kar baarish
kahin aur bhi teri wafa ho rahi hai

rukta jab chalna nahi aaya tha
ab to daud ho rahi hai

dum-e-dustoor ki tasveer umda thi bahut
aaj baazaar mein iski shinaakht ho rahi hai..


Urdu |

तेरी हर करतूत मेरी नज़र में है
इंसान वो जो जान ले मंज़िल क़ब्र में है ..


Hindi |

All forces are capable
but let's move in the Army
break the image of
taken for granted..


English |

We cherish the day when
not only roses, not only tulips
but all flowers from heaven
will long for a presence with you..


English |

इन दूरियों को मिटाने की जुस्तजू ना कर
इक और जुदाई मुझे सुपुर्द-ए-ख़ाक बना देगी..


Urdu |

Ajab teri mehfil ka lutf hai zaalim,
kare kya rishi ke
saleeka bhi nahi aata
thirakna bhi nahi aata..


Urdu |

Pee kar jhooth nahi bolta fir bhi
baaton par meri kisi ko aitbaar nahi..


Hindi |

मैं देखता हूँ उन्हें
कभी दिवाली के पटाखे फोड़ते हुए
तो कभी रोते - बिलखते हुए ..


Hindi |

Oddbods Fuse, Newt, Pogo, Bubbles, Jeff, Slick and Zee
any time of day they are so much fun to see..


English |

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