Old friends are Gold!
New friends are Diamond!
If you get Diamond don't forget the Gold
bcoz to hold a Diamond you need a base of Gold..




Kamyabi badi nahi hoti
panewale bade hote hain
darar badi nahi hoti
bharne wale bade hote hain
itihas ke har panne pe lika hai ke dosti badi nahi hoti
aap jaise nibhane wale bade hote hain..


Hindi |

SMS har pal karu to sharaarat hogi,
har din karu to pareshaani hogi,
kabhi bhi nahi karu to kanjoosi hogi,
par dil se karu to shaayad aapko khushi hogi.




For all the friendship you share,
for all the ways you care,
for all the times you are there,
my friend you are special and beyond compare..
just wanna say take care..



FRIEND is one who:
Finds you in a
Rush of people
Inspires you to do something is life and catch your
Emotions &
Never leaves you till




D - Dastak bhi na de
O - Or apna banaa le
S - Saari zindagi jo saath de
T - Takdeer jo sawaar de
I - Isi rishtey ka naam hai DOSTI



If lover is like moon then
friends are like stars and
have you noticed that
the sky can look beautiful
without moon but
not without stars..



Har majboori se ladna seekh lo,
har gham ke saath jeena seekh lo
"Busy" hum bhi kam nahi,
par humaari tara
Dosto ko yaad karna seekh lo..


Hindi |


Softly the leaves of memory fall,
slowly i will gather & pick them all,
because today, tomorrow & till my life is through,
i'll always cherish having a friend like U.



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