Old friends are Gold!
New friends are Diamond!
If you get Diamond don't forget the Gold
bcoz to hold a Diamond you need a base of Gold..




Birds that live in a lake will fly away
when the lake dries up.
But the lotus that grows in the same lake
will die with the lake.
That's the commitment in true friendship .



खुदा से कोई बात अनजान नहीं होती
जब इंसान की बंदगी बे-ईमान नहीं होती
कभी माँगा होगा हमने एक प्यारा दोस्त
यूँ ही आपकी हमारी पहचान नहीं होती ..

Khuda se koi baat anjaan nahi hoti
jab insaan ki bandgi be-imaan nahi hoti
kabhi maanga hoga humne ek pyaara dost
yun hi aapki humaari pehchaan nahi hoti..


Hindi |

Only few True Hearts can Easily Identify
Little lies in ur smile and some truths in ur tears,
They are called FRNDS
"Never Miss them in Ur life ".




Aapka chehre par kya Sweet Smile hai,
haath mein kya Raapchik Mobile hai,
Mobile mein SMS ki kya Jhakkas File hai,
phir bhi SMS na karna kya Bhaav Khaane ka Style hai..??



What is real but invisible?
Your care!
What is true but unfair?
Your absence!
What is sweet but naughty?
Your smile!
N what is precious but priceless?
Your friendship !



100 words of an enemy can never give pain
but a true friend 's silence can give 1000 of tears.
So, BAK-BAK karte raha karo
tassalli milti hai yaar.




A lover says,
"I will be with you in all your troubles"
but a good friend says,
"You will have no troubles when i am with you."



Friendship is not that you can't make fun of me..
It's about making fun of me in the gruoup
with a promise in the heart
"Beta humaare alaawaa koi aur
tujhe kuch bol ke to dikhaaye"..




Thandi coffee ko garam kar lo,
is pathar dil ko thoda naram kar lo,
aacha hote hue bhi aapke dil main hamaara account khaali hai,
thodi si to yaar sharam kar lo..
For u SD

- Amritpal Singh

Hindi |

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