Sharaabi boy proposed a girl:
You are as strong as Rum
as fine as Wine
as cool as Beer
as classic as Whisky &
and believe me I am totally 'Talli' on You..


English |


अच्छी पी ली ख़राब पी ली
जैसी पायी शराब पी ली ..


Hindi |

Takht badle kai hazaar magar
parinde pedon par hi sote hain
ruswa hue bhi teri mehfil se to kya
hum aaj bhi paimaana-dar-paimaana peete hain..


Urdu |

How to Control Alcohol drinking habit?
One good way to reduce alcohol consumption is:
Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are Sad.
After Marriage - Drink whenever you are Happy .


English |


एक शराबी सडक पर जा रहा था |
अचानक फिसलकर वह कीचड में गिर गया |
उसी वक्त बिजली चमकी तो शराबी बोला-
हे भगवान एक तो पहले कीचड में गिरा दिया और अब फोटो भी खींच रहे हो |

- Tarun Goma


Hindi |


Ek AMLI duje AMLI nu kehanda:
Chota hunda mai kothe ton dig pya c.
2 AMLI: Tu BACH GAYA c ke mar gaya c?
1 AMLI: Salea mainu ki pata, mai oudu nikka jeya ta c.



My manner of living is plain and I do not mean
to be put out of it. A glass of wine and
a bit of mutton are always ready. - George Washington


English |

मुश्किल है बता पाना
मगर कोशिश मेरा हक़ है
तूने कल रात फिर से पी है
मुझे पूरा शक है..

Mushkil hai bataa paana
magar koshish mera haq hai
tune kal raat fir se pee hai
mujhe poora shaq hai..


Hindi |


Alcohol and calculus don't mix.
Never drink and derive.


English |

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