Today is World Poetry Day marks the importance of poetry in our lives.

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Ye dosti chiraag hai..ise jalaaye rakhna,
ye dosti gul hai..ise khilaaye rakhna,
hum rahein kahin bhi is jahaan mein..
bas humaari dosti ki yaad dil mein basaaye rakhna.




As i look back my life ,
i remember tears i cried,
jokes i laughed at,
things i lost, but
there is one things i never regret,
it's the day we become friends.



For all the friendship you share,
for all the ways you care,
for all the times you are there,
my friendship " id="link4" class="smsLink"> friend you are special and beyond compare..
just wanna say take care..



Ae dost jab bhi tu udaas hoga,
hamaara khayaal tere paas hoga,
dil ki gehraayion se karoge jab bhi yaad,
tumhe hamaara sms prapt hoga.




I waited nine months to see the world ,
One year year to walk,
Two years to talk,
Five years to study but
I really waited too many years to
find a cute friend like You!


English |

Dil mein kuch nahi aaj yaadon ke siva
Aankho mein kuch nahi aapki tasveer ke siva
Mat saath chhodna humara
Kyonki zindgi mein kuch nahi hai aapke siva..


Hindi |


दोस्ती कहो तो दो लफ्ज़, मानो तो बंदगी
सोचो तो गहरा सागर, डुबो तो ज़िंदगी
करो तो आसान, निभाओ तो मुश्किल
बिखरे तो सारा ज़माना, सिमटे तो सिर्फ़ तुम ..


Hindi |

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