There is no need to worry & repent
as long as you are true
to your true self
without hurting anyone..


English |

You are a king by your own fireside,
as much as any monarch is in his throne.


English |

If the seed is whole,
and it is the proper season,
then the seed will sprout.


English |

A ladder is there to help us climb
it is of no good if we are not climbing..


English |


Every man is wise when attacked by a mad dog;
fewer when pursued by a mad woman ;
only the wisest survive when attacked by a mad notion.
- Robertson Davies


English |

A flower cannot give water
and a river cannot spread fragrance..

I can only distribute to the world what I have.
To spread love and peace I should have first peace within.


English |

Do not depend on someone who is weak himself.


English |


अहंकार मिटाने का सरल उपाय :
स्वयं से कम साधन वाले मनुष्य
के चरण स्पर्श का भाव
हृदय में धारण करने से
अहंकार कई कोस दूर रहता है ..


Hindi |

फुर्सत - ए - ज़िन्दगी को ना रुकसत होने दीजिए हमदम
ये वो नियामत जो सबके क़रीब नहीं होती ..


Urdu |

नसीहत दी थी उस अनजान मौलवी ने इक रोज़
कैसे इंसान परखे जाते हैं
नुस्ख़ा ठीक जान नहीं पड़ता
वरना हम ज़रूर पास होते ..

Naseehat di thi us anjaan maulvi ne ik roz
kaise insaan parkhe jaate hain
nuskha theek jaan nahi padta
warna hum zaroor paas hote..


Hindi |


Blessed are those who can give without remembering
and take without forgetting.


English |

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