Today is World Poetry Day marks the importance of poetry in our lives.

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मुश्किल है बता पाना
मगर कोशिश मेरा हक़ है
तूने कल रात फिर से पी है
मुझे पूरा शक है..

Mushkil hai bataa paana
magar koshish mera haq hai
tune kal raat fir se pee hai
mujhe poora shaq hai..


Hindi |


Nasha pila ke giraana to sab ko aata hai
mazaa to jab hai ke girton ko thhaam le saaqi
kahin khaali pyaale hain, kahin saagar labaalab hain
ye kya daur hai saaqi, yeh kya taqseem hai saaqi..


Urdu |

How to Control Alcohol drinking habit?
One good way to reduce alcohol consumption is:
Before Marriage - Drink whenever you are Sad.
After Marriage - Drink whenever you are Happy .


English |

Ek sharaabi teesri manzil se gira.
Uske aas-paas log ikat-tha ho gaye..
Kisi ne poocha: Bhai, kya hua..?
Sharaabi: Pata nahi, main bhi abhi aaya hun..


Hindi |

There are two things that will be believed
of any man whatsoever,
and one of them is that he has taken to drink.
- Booth Tarkington


English |


Reality is an illusion
created due to lack of alcohol.
-------------Sir Johnie Walker.



Hum To Nikle The
Talash-e- Ishq
Me Tanhaiyo Se Darr Kar.





Garmi bohut thi!
hum beer pee kar waapas aa gaye.


Hindi |

Sharaabi boy proposed a girl:
You are as strong as Rum
as fine as Wine
as cool as Beer
as classic as Whisky &
and believe me I am totally 'Talli' on You..


English |


मुश्किल है बता पाना
मगर कोशिश मेरा हक़ है
तूने कल रात फिर से पी है
मुझे पूरा शक है..

Mushkil hai bataa paana
magar koshish mera haq hai
tune kal raat fir se pee hai
mujhe poora shaq hai..


Hindi |

शराब पी लिया करते हैं
जीने की तमन्ना में कभी
डगमगाना भी ज़रूरी है
संभलने के लिए ..

Sharaab pee liya karte hain
jeene ki tamanna mein kabhi
dagmagaana bhi zaroori hai
sambhalne ke liye..


Hindi |

daru ki wajah se barbaad ek aadmi
apne ghar se daru ki khaali bottles fek raha tha.
Pehli fek kar bola: Teri wajah se meri naukri chali gayi.
Dusri fek kar bola: Teri wajah se mera ghar chala gaya.
Teesri fek kar bola: Teri wajah se meri biwi chali gayi.
Fir fourth uthaai to woh bhari hui nikli..bola..
tu side mein ho ja, isme tera koi kasoor thode hi hai.




साक़ी के हाथ में पैमाना हो
तो महफ़िल में सुरूर कैसे हो ..


Hindi |

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