Never look for a good face,
it will turn old one day.
Never look for good skin,
it will wrinkle one day.
look for a Loyal Heart that will miss you EveryDay.




Kisne kaha humein aapki yaad nahi aati,
aapko na sochein aisi koi raat nahi jati,
waqt badal jaata hai aadat nahi jaati,
aap khaas ho yeh baat sabse to batayi nahi jaati..

- Ashok

Hindi |

Days are too busy.
Hours are too fast.
Seconds are too few.
But there's always time
for me to remember a nice person
-==LIKE YOU==-



दोस्त ों की दास्ताँ जब वक़्त सुनाता है
तो हमें भी कोई दोस्त याद आता है
भूल जाते हैं हम ज़िन्दगी के ग़मों को
जब आपके साथ बिताया वक़्त याद आता है ..

Doston ki daastan jab waqt sunaata hai
to humein bhi koi dost yaad aata hai
bhool jaate hain hum zindagi ke ghamon ko
jab aapke saath bitaya waqt yaad aata hai..


Hindi |

When you miss someone, you message them
to let them know that you are thinking of them.
But the truth is you really want them to think of you.




Taenu mil javange aake dooor-durade ton,
mere pind ton pehla sheher tera hi aaunda ae..


Punjabi |

Khushiyon se dil ko aabaad kar lena,
aur ghamo ko dil se aazaad kar dena,
humaari bad itni guzaarish hai ki..
dil se kabhi humein bhi yaad kar lena.



A thousand words won't bring you back
i know because i have tried,
neither will a million tears
i know because i have cried..


English |

Moving on is simple.
It's what we leave behind that's hard.


English |

Ek muskaan tu mujhe ek baar de de,
khwaab mein hi sahi ek deedaar de de,
bas ek baar kar le aane ka waada..
fir umar bhar ka chaahe intezaar de de.



Rishta banaya hai to nibhayenge,
har pal aapko hasaayenge,
pata hai aapko to fursat nahi yaad karne ki,
hum hi tang kar-kar ke apni yaad dilaayenge..



Thislove islove thelove bestlove waylove
tolove saylove thatlove ilove reallylove misslove
ulove solove muchlove.
Now read again without love .



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